Witness dreams of a noble heart move a loyal friend to say

Who breathes truth to protect, serve, with justice for one and all

Yes you must bring to honor before the flag waves in ceremony a passage

More will heal, when more learn, more will champion love’s victorious return

Running into the wind at night the call was heard by the falcon

Flying with a heart on fire to cleanse the blighted love of children

Telling shame of sin of evil of those hide before the clock tick tock

When she knew the truth of priests and thieves of liars and of love’s need

She move the hand of time to share her walk into being more everyday

Of innocent sweetness a journey blessed

Given care to a journey of lasting peace

Where a heart is reborn between

The divine and the infinite

Mind your soul, please  

Gathered by the stream under trees  

Heed the ring of the Bell tone, do not grieve

Hallways of mirrors blend memories to hold

Once kissed by God she is in bliss, and safely home   

The Game is changing and will be heard recognized and understood the evil of the world is under the spotlight of specific criminal indictment. In so saying with 160,000 indictments of crimes against humanity, crimes against children and crimes against nature are to be prosecuted and delivered judgement.  The last days of judgement have come for those who have refused and broken all human and divine laws of all people and the sacredness of the human soul. It was their choice and now it is not.

This was Never a Game

The wounded heart must be healed in the safety of the sacred family and the return of being held by the inner beauty and truthful power of the divine feminine within us. To reach her to know her is to find the inner teacher in the quiet voice that always calls you home. We exist within this spiritual home with all our relations and here we know that the sadness in the family of those who have walked a path of pain will be found and brought to awakening where memories are released and your inner being smiles again.  In this moment if you think of those who have been hurt bring compassion from your center like the fragrance of flower breathing in the middle of your body. This flower grows and grows and you feel it opening and when it is in bloom to look into the face of the sun and there I am and see you the shining one who I have held in my heart forever.  You are my chosen one. ...lift your eyes up ... don't look down any longer look within and see this flower grow and bloom and your healing will be lived as the suns of light shine... cw  dedicated to warriors and to jenny moore who has traveled on.