Of the Path of Light and Freedom

The conclusion effects of the disturbances in the polarity of the magnetics will result in the symptoms of fatigue and loss of intelligence. This will avail an apathy that will take over the system as the virus attacks the very energy structure of the body, the ATP. The ATP viruses of the coming plague will not result in pain but the loss of energy and in the resulting form of what has been seen as AIDS where the body is unable and incapable of fighting off disease. The liver will be basically functioning in toxins and polluting the body with dirty blood. The ability of the liver to produce light, or new energy will cease and the body will become a useless vehicle and begin a fast process of internal degeneration. The opposite of this is the clean liver and the one that is fun toning on a higher or increased frequency will be producing cells that are adapted to the differing electromagnetic etheric environment. The body will produce the electro-chemicals of higher consciousness that will avail a transmutation of lower or crude elements into a correlated form of spiritual ATP energy. This result will allow the person to utilize the vehicle for higher expansion rather than be subject to the decay that will result in a discordant picture of reality. The new charge is a twin crossing polarity that moves between a positive and a negative like a pulsar. The last judgement is not the demise of the system but the pruning and thinning of it into a clear and completeness and the readiness for harvest. The grid nature of this is represented by the numbers of the 144,000 a the body of completion