Of the Path of Light and Freedom

They will fail in their quest for slaves as they are slaves to the inner drive for power. Let them fall by the way side and see into the night their fear and let it consume them. The fear they try to reveal to all is the only power they have. They attempt to get the fog to cover the eyes and cause the obscuration of your souls. Let this not happen to you as you are great and wise in your inner lives.

Listen to the inner way which will bring you to the great arch. It will cover and fulfill you. This is the path that all masters take. They walk under the arch into the sanctuary. This is the path of your life to take. You are a master to be born in the world of new life. There is a new life waiting after the disappearance of the digress. There is only your mind to open to the truth that you aare ready to waken and be the great one. To take the stand of power and health and reveal this … Let it all just be. Let it all just fall away into the white light of visions that are to come … of all the things you wish to know power is to hold and to be steward for. .. of all the things left to know you are all right to be the one of the few to see the opening gate.

In the midst of the white flame there is a doorway to peace… it is through the wages of fire and perfection that another walks with ou. There in is the healer who holds the flame of life. There in is the ridiazi who walk the darkened path back. The ones who have gone to the side of night and and have come back to the land of light. From the dark to the light from the right to be hold the life there is only peace in the hearts of men who calming have touched the sin. They have felt the distaste for love and have fallen there because of fear it is to be given back the forgiveness to live once more.

Let the chains fall from the hands and feet of the slaves and let the roses bleed the pain, the giving of the eyes of now I see and Iam the way to hear the heart sing the next verse before you give up. Give