What is Astrology?

There is a birth into physical life at a specific time when that first breath is taken and this is the significant entrance into form, independent and singular. It is a cosmic blueprint of the influences your soul chose to experience through inter-relationship with the galaxy, solar system, planet, humanity and personal family.

Astrology translates the influences that the planets and stars have on your daily life guiding you toward your highest nature and purpose. It is a celestial study of the Divine Plan written in geometric patterns and morphogenetic fields, as above ~ so below. It is an essential and fundamental instrument and technique for understanding the course of your being throughout life and the nature and path of your soul. Each life is set upon an energetic template that unfolds in your chart and sets into motion many cycles and influences that have been agreed upon by your soul.

This life is not a defined structure but a defined course. There are meanings to each element, sign, planet and aspects that reveal clues for those who are consciously committed to evolve and breakthrough to upliftment. Each placement gives tremendous insight into your natural tendencies, hangups, environmental conditions and major life cycles. Astrology reveals the patterns of your life, the energies and influences on the horizon, your strengths and obstacles.

Why is Astrology Important?

Having your personalized birth chart done is a unique experience. You will never forget this day. Weather you are at a cross-roads in life or simply curious, the experience is empowering. It can help you remember why you are here or learn about your soul's intent for being here now. A reading will help you make the best out of opportunities and can help you to navigate through the more challenging periods in life.

As a sovereign being you make choices that allow your reality to adjust and move into patterns that conform to the original template but move into layers of higher alignment or into descending discord with the stream of your being. An astrological consultation helps you navigate with conscious and informed plans for the future.

As you awaken to the awareness that you create the stream of your being you are able to create accordingly along a line of sovereign resonance or become confused by tangential dramas. In understanding your astrology chart the first steps are to take a personal inventory of self. Change happens to everyone and situations of positive change happen when decisions and actions are taken in the best timing and responses to life's opportunities.

It is the greatest journey of knowledge. Know Thyself!

Our Guarantee

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Quality - With over 42 years of experience and training in Chinese, Mayan, Babylonian, and Western Astrology, we are confident that we provide the best astrological readings available.

Satisfaction - If you're not satisfied with your reading, you may elect to end it within its first 20 minutes. Contact us and we will refund your purchase.*

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Richard Wigley, aka Rysa, is known as an evolutionary warrior on the path of freedom and awakening. The visionary creator of The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment has over 7000 participants.  With a goal to raise the bar on catalyzing spiritual awakenings he created over 400 videos that reached over 20 million views. As a testimony to his advocacy toward a more balanced and less patriarchal world he authored the Divine feminine inspirations from The Christ Within, (currently under republication). over the last decade he broadcast thousands of radio shows  and interviews with hundreds of thousands dedicated listeners. These shows mainly focused on spiritual awakening but also covered a wide range of topics on politics, the corrupt economy and new systems, the truth and what the media is not saying, esoteric spirituality, telepathy, human consciousness and of course astrology.

Richard has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of California in Santa Barbara and has over 42 years of experience in studying astrology and providing thousands of astrological consultations.   He was the founding partner and past president of the Astrological Association of Southern Utah.  Rysa established S.A.G.E., Spiritual Astrological Guidance and Education, a professional international counseling practice based in California, Oregon and Utah. In direct association with other practitioners, schools and groups, he taught seminars in colleges and private practice. He received a Doctorate of Spiritual Psychology from the Asclepius Sanctuary and College, License ASC42419521.  


Over the last 4 decades, Rysa has read over 1000 books on astrology, esoteric astrology, Chinese astrology, Mayan astrology, western astrology, psychology, and other related topics. It takes years of dedication and study to understand the various influences and alignments of planets in a chart and even more skills and expertise in order to help a client understand how these influences and cycles can impact on them.