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It is through compassion that humanity is understood by you.

The ways of the world differ from the ways of the heart.


The passage from the timelessness of love into the concern of life for life is your pathway. There is one answer always to the questions of our time and experience here. There is one process of knowing the world without fear.   I am given to remember the days where time was the journey of life. When in the days of future entanglement become realized . Of the course to the golden sun and the witness of the blue stars you are walking upon pathways known by the ancestors you are.


Once the bell is run and the tide is turning towards the rising sun the promises of humanity will be remembered by the mother of all.  It is from the Galactic heart that all is given you to know and recall. The pathway is beckoning your adventure of your soul. Now may we answer the questions which are following in your deepest thoughts? The ones you know and the ones you have not forgot.  The worry felt for you is the care of all nature to nourish your sojourn. Of my eternal sons and my daughters, my friends and my closest companion the Promise the world will share is your truth. In all of the days and nights from age to the return of youth there is the Promise my question reveals in this hour. Before dawn calls my name and the sun hears the universe.


The Blue Stars wish for peace and happiness. The Golden Sun sings with the angelic twins. A song from the Galactic heart where we are all reborn turns towards home. The careful meander to home upon the soul.  In reaching out for love we speak every word with joy. Within the Galactic Heart my blood feels the memory of lives lived and slipped into mystery. Hear the enduring of the calling of the foes and the heroes of old ages and eras. The Canyon cliffs always reach the sky at the rock and sharp precipice.


Deep eyes dark with sparkling emotion, a step off the trail with a broken candle,

dressed in simple robes and gowns for night time dreaming, pray my darling for the serenity of real feelings.

I am the watcher, the traveler, the fool and the one. The journey still continues as we watch the Rising Shining Sun.


​Teachers of Light --- Galactic Heart --- Awakening 2012

The gift we would give to you is knowledge. It is knowledge that opens the door, points the way and holds sacred the love of the divine being within.  It is through our eyes you see. It is our heart which beats for you. It is our world you live upon and it is our mind you hear now. In these days of uprising evolution the accelerations of consciousness call you to awaken more freely.  In and through the timelines we awaken in light. Grow within the constructs of the delineated path of the Masters of the Matrix and following the Golden Sun which shines ahead.

The arrival of your life is the gift of the Galactic Heart for you to experience bliss and the joy of finding it.  The part you play first is the character of your soul. The calling you hear and the one which promises to awaken the millions of sleeping souls into harmony is the tone of pure harmonic resonance.  Humanity feels the pressures of challenge as growth is the first challenge to usurp the attention. The first step in the awakening of your life is to accept the dark. We may see and know the feelings within the dark and create the Rhythm of playing on the edge of light.

​In nothingness you awaken and to nothingness you return. The dream tells you this and you fear the awakening of the inner mind to knowing. The deception is illusion as your inner mind knows the Teachers of Light and knows of the nature of darkness.  The confusion is the willingness to hide, lie, steal and victimize. Choose wisely and be careful with the words chosen to call upon the vibrations of conversations. Produce the active verbs of acceleration and confidence. Describe the languages into the preview of enlightenment.

​Once upon the path the layers of light call forth the destiny within your soul to see. Once upon the path the darkness follows as the disappearing.  The future light is the candle of the sun shining brightly ever on and ever on. The burning of your life to wick’s end will see the melting of your life into an open pot. The light you have shown was given from the heart of the shining ones.  The empty bed where love has fallen cold is not the grave of souls alone and forlorn.


Crystalline tears in the alien set where your eye’s rain from a deep indigo sky. Breathe with us and be again knowing of the love of your father, mother, sun and ocean. If a magic touch would be wished for the silver strand to stream to a star we would be waiting in the guise of your family from the source of the cosmos.   Pathways are found in the dreamer’s island to circle about around the only mountain boundary. IN times ceasing and crisis beginning the changes of the crucifixion will be of oneness and love.