In the last 10 years the Goldring has reached millions of people sharing the vision of a better world in the present and the future with glimpses of meaning from the past. The whole project, the Game, is a never ending one as there is a continuation of energy and infinite expanse of space to create from our universal mind. The world is our mind's creation and we are moving in the direction of the Golden Age where compassion reigns and spiritual choices are simple and rewarding.


The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment is a shared creative telepathic adventure. It was created by Rysa over a five year period with guidance and dedication of Ashnandoah to build the community and with so many others on the path of positive evolution and telepathic transformation.


Indigo Aqua Sacred Consciousness - Dimensional Shift of Perspective - This message was created in 2006 following the plan where the Indigo primarily born from 1960 to 1975 are activated towards comprehensive change. With Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn this has created the breakthroughs in consciousness while Neptune in Pisces is bring mercy and spiritual understanding. Energies and vibrations are intelligent creation that focus now on the layers of universes which we reside within.


The civilization is the larger macrocosm of humanity and the Indigo vibration brings an expanded revolutionary vision to this reality. To add the energy of aqua to the formula creates the crystalline blue of spiritual regeneration through the thymus, thyroid and pituitary. Of the nature of indigo known it brings devotion to the higher path of peace, prosperity and play. The level of your awakening is measured in bliss.


Today is the start of a new day designed to transform your mind. It is through the heart that all is given into the world of creation. It is through this design that there is the new life which instills a paradigm of trust where all is given in abundance. The world is divided into the positive and negative in direction. The essence of each is pure source. From the standpoint of the Teachers of Light the key purpose is found in the direction of the current through which we are source. It is guided by the soul and through spiritual energy the flow is ever expanding through creation.

It is important for the Wayshowers to understand that they are the vanguard, they are the ones bringing forth this light and they are the ones who are empowered. In being empowered their strength must be pure, must be clear, must be constant, must be wise.


The magnification of our collective will is being accelerated a million times faster into manifestation. This beam of high ultraviolet light will create a new reality for the planet. The Black Alliance is unaware of this powerful beam. When it arrives it will increase the energies to such a high vibration there will be no misdirection and the reality that they have will disintegrate into chaos very quickly.


In awareness of this beam of Ultra-(violet) light being invoked by the Arcturians, humanity needs to steward the energy through the power of one million Wayshowers. These Wayshowers need to have focus and the ability to keep this focus as the energy is included into the third dimension. Clearing blocks and linking with the one million is the crucial play of the game and upon the Arcturian Alignment the beam of Ultraviolet light will integrate the acceleration. Reality is a viewpoint and is dependent upon the perceiver.


As a Wayshower you are one who is multi-dimensional and can see and be part of many realities. The outer reality of the physical body's senses is only a small part of your world. In your new reality of this Great Game of the Gold Ring a Wayshower is one of a spiritual universe which is not physical and exists in the invisible. Your realm as a Wayshower is a Realm of light, the Fifth Dimension. From the Infrared to the Ultraviolet you are connected to the universe of the stars, the Teachers of Light = =- goldring arcturian alignment 2 focus ultraviolet wayshower great game gold ring spiritual universe


As in each presentation of the mind that is given impulse by the intention of the emotions, there is fundamental transmission of awakenings.

These awakenings are step by step processes that provide for your passage into new alignments within the Order.

Many have spoken of these directions and understand them to be part of the process of organizing your spirits into this new fundamental change of paradigms.

Egos that are separated from each other have a tendency to continue to separate, and continue to provide for multiplication of effort, without concentration of desire. Through the focus of the GoldRing you are here to concentrate desire.

To concentrate and bring together that family of light that you exist within, in order to achieve a Great Work.

The Great Work is not a single architecture, but a complete and overarching framework of light infrastructure and superstructure that gives to the world the new dispensation and understanding, and intelligence to activate the evolutionary codes of transcendence of the Human Family.

There is knowledge of issues, past, karma, fundamental transitions, transgressions, miss-directions, distractions, confusions and addictions that have kept humanity from awakening to the light, through delay, despair, depression, dispassion and death.

It is through life now that you are coming into your own, to take advantage of the light stream that is been sent to the planetary world that you have physical incarnation on, to establish and bring forth a message.

A message through the media, through being a Teacher, being a Guide, being a Wayshower. Being that which you are, and following this Higher Path as well, and being in your sovereign integrity, to know that the Truth that you speak is one of clarity, knowledge, compassion, virtue and Divine Order.

Often before, you have walked the path alone, where in this process you have failed to feel the unity of the family, the unity of a team, a work-together, so that all are bringing forth their message in clarity and union with others.

It is this necessity to be a replica, to be the shining light in harmony and in replication of each other, so that your work is done quickly, easily and wondrously.

It is said that the Universe loves the energy of expansion and that it moves quickly when division is seen. It moves quickly, like light, to the point where there is dark, and dispels the darkness and awakens those to see, and to see that which is real. And it is in the real that is lodged in the heart, where that feeling of love is to be expressed, to be expressed through creative adventure, and to bring forth a new alignment with your Soul, and through time and space and beyond all that is known Now …


Wayshowers have unified the global mind of one million beings to accept without judgment the vision and awareness of the universal evolutionary force of enlightenment. They are here to give energy with unconditional love compassionately to those who follow along the way. There is peace and relief in the knowledge that the mission was successful and a new layer of Light has enveloped the aura of the planet and humanity. Upon the Journey of Enlightenment the first vision is created to call the Mind out of the Dream and then begins the desire towards it. The vision is complete and reaches forth across time and space as waves of light, information, knowledge, consciousness and directions. The Teachers of Light send the instructions to the Wayshowers to begin the journey as leaders.


Wayshowers - Summary - The first community of Wayshowers is a matrix point with an allegiance whose stronger synergistic appreciation is in bilateral communications. In this operational association the first group shall begin the enhancement of the right brain, the intuitive elements of the mind to increase telepathy and connect to the holographic central planetary system. Through the method of attunement to congenial thoughts within the mental body and then entrainment to consensual feelings with the emotional body, the alignment with non-physical and the physical worlds are completed. In the first group we are born to listen to the Teachers of Light and accept the challenges of the Dark Masters and the Black Alliance. The first group's primary objective is to come together for growth and then disburse in the periphery and establish new centers of power and ever expanding rings of communication between the Teachers of Light and the Wayshowers. The door has been opened and the future is born. The new sun shines across the planet rising after a long night. Listen to the music as you pour out your spirit. It is a call to each of us to remember and return to find the enlightenment. It is acceptable to be in perfect peace, abundance and health, wisdom and wealth.


I speak for the Wayshowers who are many, and I speak to the knowledge that what we have heard from the Dark Masters of the Black Alliance is one reality which is true, but does not have to continue. They see what they see and cannot see past the door. They are correct. We can not change the Third Dimension directly, and we are trapped in the Fourth Dimensional labyrinth of their creation. To play on their field under their rules will certainly defeat our kind, because their rules change and they play with a desire for our energy and life. I speak and ask and seek out where is our champion? The one who is the initiator of this service. The initiator is the one who serves the Teachers of Light and guides their knowledge to us so that we may speak forth this message to the followers. Where is the initiator who is ready, willing and able to come forward and tell us this message which will become our clarion call? ------------- initiator initiation Dweller on the Threshold Angel of Presence wayshower goldring enlightenment teacher message