Jaguar Shaman  

The midnight eve before sunrise hunting in the wilderness

A bird, prey the listened sounds crouch upon the stone quiet

Turning hearing nothing the sounds of far off water echoing down

Silently listening no thought, no feeling, no hurry only deep sight


Into darker canyons down below the rounded mountains forested with trees

Walking between the trails and streams listening to pines and the wind sings

Peaceful sleep at sunrise dawn to share breakfast fulfilled of want and need

Upon the soft layers of leaves still green the sunshine rising awakening


Black jaguar watches the wilderness upon the stone over midnight’s eve

Further into the lush growth the Queen lives in abundance as ceremonial order

Hear and call truth and destiny under the canopy of heaven from zenith to nadir

Black jaguar watches the wilderness upon the stone over midnight’s eve


Eyes catch the sign and see the twitch for which the hunt is called to serve

Of shining sun’s and dark eclipse, the moon, she races to match the purpose

Placed upon her heart with fire disguised as water creates power with nerve

In high mountains she glides along crevices of stone carved ancient ages ago

Pictured below an arch too high to jump or climb seeing moving branches and birds


Sensual vision trusted senses passionate beat of the heart

Black jaguar finds a powerful place in deep darkness alone

Gather your strength fear nothing within or without a fight

Give all to your own courage is Jaguar spirit’s call this night


Sleek in stealth in stillness watching quick as fires burning

Waiting in patience soul of the night growls as fate nears

Deep darkness favor moon’s calling of astral illusions

Black Jaguar eyes past shadows in stillness listening  


Sound prepares the mind in silence quiet for the moment

When the heart races to pounce upon the chance and win

Home the cave of the heart where moonlight shines in

Stone and waterfalls to bring prey and nurture the children


Given day and night where life becomes the spiritual union

Animal soul guide the seeker to join in communion with family

Power overcomes all creatures and with power comes truth

Passing moon overhead Black Jaguar is the stillness awaiting  




Seated ready and waiting the tiger white, eyes blue, and golden seeks her pleasure    

Together quickly again into the forest above the waterfalls racing towards heavenS