Spirit Soul Communion

For you to be aware of how to ... Energizing Evolution

​Transcribed by Ashnandoah    Proof Read by: illumine

You have come to the crossing point where the Galactic Center and the ecliptic have entered into the final phase of transition. There is knowledge of this as all things come to pass within time. You are being awakened to your potential. You are being awakened to your real being. You are part of a new journey that is coming forth as we speak with you. The concept of the inner teachers is still in its infancy as you are watching, the world and its commercial and political aspects and still seeing the evidence of the old, the pattern that is of competition, of destruction, of distraction, of misinformation and disinformation.


The world that is being brought forth is the one that is awakening within, inside you, within your heart center. The Gold Ring is that part of you which is your inner essence, that is your being, that is enlightened and that is abundant. It is the part of you that is your essence. It is the part of you that is love personified into life. All beings hold this inner essence; this inner center that expands out as a Gold Ring and as another and another and another and another and another.


Humanity speaks with one voice, with one energetic impulse and intention toward manifestation through action. In this process of moving into action and manifestation there is the contrast with the existing order. When operating from intention, it is before the fact. It is before the fact of the creation, of the new being. In enlightenment you find your intention. You find that which draws you toward the new day of experience. In abundance, you are being called, you are being attracted, you are being brought forth by the magnetic of the thing that is being sought, the thing that is being charged with the energy of manifestation.


While you move across the grid points toward this manifestation, which is the abundance that is the process of the will to good, there is a feeling of intention, which is the energy of enlightenment, which seeks to move forth as the energy of teaching.


The Teachers of Light are the inner teachers, the inner essence of being, the Christ Consciousness, that which opens the doorways to new experiences. In understanding this, you move toward this existence and seeing this existence and being this existence is abundance. In between enlightenment and abundance is the gap, the gap of transformation, the transmutation of the old into the new, the movement across from one grid point to another grid point. It is an infinitesimal transition from this one point to another point.


There is peace and silence in the gap. In the gap there is a completion and fulfillment. And, there is a continuance, there is continuity and infinity. All things are in the process of change. This is the center of the Gold Ring. This is the portal through which we all exist. This is the transportation through the portal. This is energy of evolution.

Sirian Communications


Transcribed by Ashnandoah

Proof Read by: illumine


You are a Way Shower. You are asked to speak for your world, to bring enlightenment and abundance into everything that touches you, to show the way and to be part of the new journey that is brought forth to perfect and give a higher light into the system. The energy of the celestial beings, that are part of your own being, that are the non-physical essence of who you are, have become integrated to the system. They are bringing forth their knowledge through every aspect of your world.


There comes a time in every system when the old is corrupt and the new is transitioning into power. This time is occurring now. The tipping point had been achieved and the old is corrupting and degenerating into chaos. The new is being empowered by the energies that are bringing forth this change. It is finding connection and finding support and it is growing quickly. The old patterns can not be built upon. They are part of a fading structure that must be released. The implosion of the old primary systems will occur rapidly. The new systems will be based upon a sovereign soul entity. The sovereign soul entity is being produced from within. It is being guided by the inner teachers or Teachers of Light and Sound, that awaken the mind to its own inner knowledge through intuition and pure insight.


This is found through feeling. It is known as you know music. The way that it touches you, you can receive feelings that are acknowledgments that this energy is absolutely correct and it touches every point of light within your being and brings a tingling sensation to your light body, your energy body.


The overall structure of the world operates in the same manner. When an individual obtains a thought form that is in proper sequence with the planetary world, it opens the grid structure across it and there is a tingling sensation that is sent throughout the planetary body. This supports the energies of this thought form so that it can extend its influence on a higher level within this planetary grid, as there are many many, many levels of grids within the physical and etheric structure of the planetary body. As the planetary body is both, an inner and outer presentation of material, spiritual, mental, emotional and celestial influence, when there is an alignment of planetary bodies within the galactic structure, there is a transitioning of energy throughout those levels.


This is such a time energies of the galactic system are in harmonic entrainment with the planetary system, which in turn, opens the vortexes and portals and gates and doorways of the physical bodies to the non-physical entities. Science has displayed this information through numerous explanations, of scalar waves, of frequencies, of vibration, of etheric light, of stellar communication, of extra-terrestrial beings, of angelic influence. The correspondence between these elements, entities, particles, energies, waves, forms are synonymous with the continuous opening of the higher mind to creation. Creation holds all of these energies together in the greater stream of being. The greater stream of being, being that part of you that moves from moment to moment, to moment to moment again and again and again and again, as it flows with a higher intelligence, a divine intelligence that is the following through the portal of awakening, the gateway into heaven.


Source of Creation



Transcribed by Ascenddani

Proof Read by illumine & Magneticbatwind


Following the path of service, is the pathway to enlightenment, as enlightenment is the awakening of self. Self is a larger entity than a physical structure and a specific time cell that is experiencing life. Life is Multi-Dimensional, it is radiance of the soul into a myriad of different life times and experiences zones, where everything that is experienced is held within the Akashic record of that being, so that all things, that are seen, are known and re-experienced and re-played on endless loops. These loops are the levels of experience that are presented through a vibratory organization of a spiral chain of communication between the soul and the spirit and the first source of energy that brings it all together.


The energy of manifestation is an energy of duality; of polarization; of the twin flame; of the rolling forth; of creation, in a contrast and creative life force that brings together the minds and its reactive component, where it is both, physical and non-physical; where it is both, energetic and spiritual; where it is both feeling and mental; where it is that which is, and that which is the basis for what is.


From the standpoint of human consciousness, it is Divine consciousness, it is universal and particular. All things move in this co-relative fashion between a positive pole and a negative pole, between the essence of being and the essence of non-being. From the point of education, it is the drawing out of this energy into creation, into manifestation. And it is done so by action across the opening of the gap which is the median of life, that which is the center point, and holds the being in its receptive state and is acted upon by an active state, which is Light and Love.


Light and Love hold the balance between all things and mind is the energy that moves across it. Mind, being not the analytical function of mind, but the complete function of mind. The mind that is harmonized and balanced by both hemispheres, both divisions, both polarities of being, that is the energetic of the fundamental nature of everything; to be the soul and spiritual component of the essence of non-physical soul and the creative manifesting spirit.


What Will Be


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Proof Read by: illumine


The next phase of human development is to follow a path of enlightenment that brings peace to the world. The planetary body will bring forth peace, it will bring forth peace through contrast, through the contrast of peace, which is conflict. This conflict is between what is, and what will be, it is between the old and the new. In politics, it is between the state of corporatism, fascism, bureaucracy, power structures of selfish endeavor, of profit making, of creating business that is designed to be impersonal, transitory, capitalistic and ruthless.


The new, is the Aquarian model of collective synergy , synthetic opening and interplay between the communion of beings in an operating, sustainable system. What occurs is a individual consciousness in competition and conflict with the multi-dimensional consciousness. The individual consciousness creates a shell around itself, which is the darkening process that keeps the light from opening the doorways into the Higher Light, which is the multi-dimensional opening grid connection, that allows for the soul to experience multiple levels of reality and see through a timeless lens, the creation of its being into many different time-lines of existence.


The individual consciousness is based around a past memorization of doctrines, codes, limitations, fears and obstacles. Whereas the higher consciousness of the multi-dimensional mind is opening doorways to opportunities and possibilities and has the clear focus of a future destiny of enlightenment and abundance. The contrast between these two creates a conflict in this gap between experience and manifestation, where the individual consciousness is selflessly devoted to developing a protective sheathe against all exterior action. The multi-dimensional consciousness seeks to create an inter-connected net, a web work of communion between the overall Family of Light.


Where the individual consciousness is the fall, it presents itself, with the creation of physical infrastructure that is designed to brings forth a perfection ,at that point in time where it exists. It sees all reality from a present consciousness which becomes a deeper and deeper focus and reaches for a survival point, a point of safety, a point of peace. In this desire for peace, in this desire for safety, its own individual selfish point of view, it finds itself becoming a tighter and tighter loop into a ever decreasing spiral where that point becomes its own demise, death, destruction and/or darkness.


The spiraling of energy through communion of joining, of bringing forth a light communication/education and seeking love, as the energy of the Stream, the multi-dimensional consciousness, seeks the friendship and value of all beings. Where all beings are valued, all life is valued. And as the light grows and grows, it becomes the Golden Light and flows into the portal of Awakening, that brings it to a completion, enlightenment, resurrection and the attainment of the initiation, into the experience of mastery of creation.


It is within these two extremes, that the balance is found between the movement with the Light and movement against the Light. Light seeks to expand, transform and become greater and radiate infinitely outward into the expanse of the abundance of the Universe. The Universe is our being, that expands and transforms into the world. The Universe is our world, as we see with our mind and create it, in every step. It is infinite, as our mind chooses to move with the opportunities of the present.

???This is not: Sacred Transition

Transcribed by twinflamelover

Proof read by: illumine


We are at the end of the civilization. We are at the end of a point of time where individual consciousness has completed it's process of contrast and conflict with higher consciousness of the Collective Being. It is a transition from one state to another state, that you understand as death. It is also that point that you understand as, enlightenment. It is that point where the planetary body is about to fall through into complete awareness of it's deepest being. The Planetary Body is seeking to reach a level of transition into sacredness. This will occur and along with it humanity is the active catalyst to bring this about. The energy of the Planetary Body is being activated upon by the Galactic Center, the Central Sun, and deep within the Central Sun the Grand Portal of energy that is the emanating power of the Divine coming forth out of the point of light which is that Omni-centric Center Point that allows for all beings to hold light within Its soul.


As this soul emanates outward Its being, It expresses Itself through spirit. Spirit is the radiance of every point of light that comes into the manifestation within Creation, and in Creation, It is the Golden Light that is the Gold Ring, that harmonizes through humanity and forms the firmament of all Creation and it is the Gold of Our Being, it is the goal of Our Being. It is the fulfillment. It is the perfection of Our Being. In this radiance, this Grand Ring spins and circles and transforms and orbits and creates larger and larger spheres of influence throughout infinity. It spins time in space into creation, and in every place, in every moment, in every time and every instance, it is that perfected energy of light that transforms and leads consciousness and awareness into the manifested world and into the work of all that is valued and appreciated and brought into grateful acceptance.