Apollo's Son

Apollo's Son cast down and broken bones -
Guest of nobles stolen linen robes the skeletons - 
Blackened path of corporate prisons circle the vestiges -

Who holds the map and the keys to kingdom


Athena's daughter rises through the waters of blue oceans, 
She sings like fire and flies with golden wings of Falcons, 
The warrior princess' touch breaks the hearts of the Guardians, 
One Goddess on the throne each time the earth is reborn.

Hermes may bring the chalice on a white and violet chariot, 
Speeding to victory at an unspeakable pace, 
Resurrected to feel the heart within the race of men, 
Each movement ends the chant of the gilded friends.

Hades took the light within and held her till the season, 
Of life and light she fell deep to be the wealth of every reason, 
Minerva may fall into cold despite the hopes of all to free her, 
Upon spring's dawn the cold dark thaw will bring forth the new millennium.

Upon the Edge of the Millennium the Gods Return, 
One by one, Lemurian and Atlantian, 
From distance space from beyond time Pleadiean and Arcturian,
Again this time I rest my mind and see with my eyes a human.

Atlas cares to hold this world and see this fate in the last days, 
If Humanity counts coins and things and is lesser in its ways, 
Of Gods who court the jester to fool the harlequin in the play, 
Trust not the sooth who says to lose what we brought upon us here to face.