Celestial Consciousness Theoretical Understandings V1–October 6th 1996

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Seventy Billion Neutrinos go through each person per second on the earth. This particle is not chargeless but is developed through the fusion process of all Suns or Stars. The neutron in the position of holding together the nucleus is creates the no-time no-space zone. It is the doorway through the energy fields and towards depolarization. This is the effective recall tone of the world zone that you’re entered into.

The hypothalamus is that receiver and responds to give off secretions of chemicals through the hormonal and Chakra system to change the structure of the energy usage or the ATP. This is developed by the timing of the genetic code. The coding is there to change the energy settings and this is the function of the hypothalamus. The nature of the hippocampus relates to sounding harmony for the reception of inter-dimensional or the coded extraterrestrial intelligence. The hippocampus resides near the ears and rules over the function of clairaudience. The pineal is the third eye and has the sensor perception and will be developed to communicate or send telepathic messages. Pure clairvoyance is an empathic relationship of soul to soul through the crown chakra with the resonance through the heart as well. The telekinesis function is positioned deep within the brain and is directed by the command center of the thalamus itself.

The hypothalmus is still the overlying time centered controller for the change from this time centered consciousness to the multi-dimensional consciousness. It is centered within the head at the very center. The electromagnetic etheric body and hence the immune system is being raised in vibration. The manufacturing of artificial drugs is one of society’s biggest problems because these synthetic agents cannot be broken down by the liver.

The hypofunctioning of the liver will create immune deficiency. This will create a global blood cancer and is a great threat to physical life. The new plague will attack the blood through the de-stabilization. This infection will be of magnetic causes as the blood is transformed because of higher levels of cosmic, gamma, x-ray radiations. Physical remedies of symptoms will not be effective as it is the shifting of the axis of the blood. The re-polarization of the blood requires each individual to take action to secure his pure blood. This necessity to go back through the generations and find the indications of emotional, mental and spiritual blockages. There can be no clotting for this will be one of the signs of problems, the varicose veins, the arthritis, and cramps in the legs and ankles. The blood flow is being interacted with by strong electrical impulses. The nature of this intervention of magnetic powers are here to bring forth a new experience of personal truth.

The female body is caring this charge and they will be carrying the disease as well in the genetic code. It is the raising of the vibration necessary for the allowance of the change for transmutation of the human race into a higher vibration of the electromagnetic etheric being. A new universal approach to wellness will be developed, but only after two to three billion people have died from the magnetic interference of brain waves with the new harmonic sounding of the blood. The blood will arrive at a critical mass where there will be a new energy influx and each cell with transform itself from a red corpuscle into a white. The massive amounts of white corpuscles will eat away the karmic interference patterns in the body for a short time in coincidence with higher levels of cosmic radiation from the re-polarization of the Sun and Earth.

There will be a massive attack on race consciousness in order to eradicate the lower underdeveloped species. The genetics in the blood of the human race is being altered by higher amounts of the red blood cells moving oxygen and physical food stuff around. The white corpuscles have allowed this by being few in number but as their number increases to a balance point there will be an increase in psychic vitality and healing will ensue. This is not a radical idea as the white count goes up and down in accordance with healing. The nature of the air in the bloodstream will change and radically alter as well as the new energy will demand that there be more hydrogen and ATP given to the cells. Since the glucose and ultimately the ATP is manufactured by the liver the reduction of its capacity will cause the massive amounts of problems in the system. The releasing of viruses because of earth changes, earthquakes, weather phenomena will attack the weaker bodies, the ones with sluggish livers. The immune system will completely break down and the viruses will be very fast acting acting and take out the weak livers with deadly accuracy.

The liver provides a clear and strong understanding of life process. It is the biggest organ in the body and it is completely under utilized. It is not seen in its true light as that which regulates the immune system, the sugar flow and is related to the vitality and health of the being. This is the central organ and is paired with the heart to provide for purity. The colon must be clear as well to regulate the safety of the vehicle. The breath of air must be done in a regular manner to stabilize the energy fields. The current of evolution moves off of the radiating energy of the breath. This is the current. The necessity of the disasters of the physical body will not affect those with love energy without fear. This will be the way to tell who is of the human and who is of the light. With the ingestion of toxins the liver is clogged and there is none of the pure sugars of glycogen and so the ability to manufacture ATP for energy will be gone. The ability to raise the vibration will be lessened and so the very rays of energy that will heal and raise one dimension will destroy the other like a double edged sword.

The conclusion effects of the disturbances in the polarity of the magnetics will result in the symptoms of fatigue and loss of intelligence. This will avail an apathy that will take over the system as the virus attacks the very energy structure of the body, the ATP. The ATP viruses of the coming plague will not result in pain but the loss of energy and in the resulting form of what has been seen as AIDS where the body is unable and incapable of fighting off disease. The liver will be basically functioning in toxins and polluting the body with dirty blood. The ability of the liver to produce light, or new energy will cease and the body will become a useless vehicle and begin a fast process of internal degeneration. The opposite of this is the clean liver and the one that is fun toning on a higher or increased frequency will be producing cells that are adapted to the differing electromagnetic etheric environment. The body will produce the electro-chemicals of higher consciousness that will avail a transmutation of lower or crude elements into a correlated form of spiritual ATP energy. This result will allow the person to utilize the vehicle for higher expansion rather than be subject to the decay that will result in a discordant picture of reality. The fundamental functional units of the nervous system is the nerve cells or the neurons are beginning to produce a difference in their electrochemical energy. This can be noted just in the expectation of energy. These nerve impulses are not electrons but have been associated with a negative charge.

The new charge is a twin crossing polarity that moves between a positive and a negative like a pulsar. The movement will be clearly seen as a two way street rather than the movement electrically charged atoms (ions) across the nerve cell membranes that has created impulses for stimulation or retardation. The nerves are being stimulated on quantum level from galactic rays of energy. This is causing an increase in the activity and in a resistive state a shorting out of the circuitry of the ones that are now endowed with the minerals and essential fluids to establish the enhanced links. The current links are being increased beyond the typical modes, they have been involved in conducting impulses from the periphery of the body to the central nervous system (afferent neurons), and conducting impulses from the central nervous system to the periphery of the body (efferent neurons). The network of interconnecting neurons between afferent and efferent neurons or neural networks are being added to by an electromagnetic etheric multi-dimensional web of grid points that are magnetically pulling energy from the present neurons. These neurons are situated in the cerebral spinal fluids, the ocean and are focused as harmonic points, mid points or the geometric inter-relationship points. These are the light encoded filaments, the focus points of the grid network of the expanded neural network. They form and supplement the substance of energy and provide doorways of consciousness.

These light, worm holes, doorways, gateways, gaps, etc. enable the lessening of the need for the spatially located materialization of form. The light encoded filaments are effectively the points of the harmonic convergence of matter forced together through geometric implosion. There are central nodal points in all systems, this sets the magnetic current and then within the cells and the DNA they form the six pointed star with the dual helixes at each point which in turn have a central strand nodal alignment. All is reproduced in harmonics so that in each of the spirals hold a cognizant resonant vibration that is matched within the empowerment structure. The empowered center is thought of as the timings, frequency or the rhythm of the radiation. In DNA the points are placed upon the line of growth and indicate releases of certain chemicals or messengers and these are brought through into the system through the TDNA and then turned into the RDNA for the actual production of the proteins and the life forms.

This is all done within the context of complete harmony with the system of timings and cycles. This can only be accomplished with their is complete nourishment of the body system. The requirement of wholeness and health relies on the substance being complete without flaw. The conception of the diseases of the manufacturing is only based in the appropriate reduction of life to its more pure form. There is lessening of the pull of the body to create more and more cells in order to hold specific coded frequencies and to maintain a harmonic relationship with the higher overtones of the coded frequencies of itself. The masses of humanity will going through a process of thinning as the fruit is being prepared for the tree. The current situation can be likened to that of a tree that is holding too much fruit for its branches. The last judgement is not the demise of the system but the pruning and thinning of it into a clear and completeness and the readiness for harvest. Each person is the standard bearer for the soul and there are many lifetimes that are represented by each person and there is the need of this life to be centered and brought into a oneness.

The mass of personalities are fractaled out from dynamic souls. The amount of humanity that exists on the planet do not all have an individual soul held as the overself. This may sound strange but it is that many are in a fragmented state and must be consolidated into oneness. There are no lost souls but there are many who are gathering up experience in order to have their soul complete. This is the reduction of each cluster of the fruit so that the one upon each branch will have the most ability to grow. There is in each grouping of fruit on each branch and of course there can be an unlimited number of branches, universes etc. but upon the grid matrix there are certain power spots or tones that must be represented and when they are then their is advancement.

The grid nature of this is represented by the numbers of the 144,000 and is represented in mathematical terms to relate to the building of the body of completion. The loss of life that may be expected through the plagues of the coming decade will be based in the inappropriate thoughts that are presented in consciousness and so they are extremely discordant with the new neutral energy that is being magnetic charged through the effects of the neutrino graviton matrix. With the advent of the higher energy forms of the celestially coded DNA the six helix pairs or 12 strands forms the power grid structure of creating the electromagnetic etheric light body. The light body is your etheric form that has already existed but it is coming into a completion of form as the nodes and the timings of the greater bodies are aligning. This is all done in the series of expected growth. The growth from the matter into the spirit is the form from that which is born a seed eventual becomes what is was born from the law of similars. Life was not created from matter but it is from light or that primal basic energy of love. Life is returning to the form it was seeded from, pure ethereal light.

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