In this hour of time, this second on the clock

Updated: Jun 23

There has come a time where all spiritual beings are aware and awakening to the light of this new era of peace.

of eons it is but an instant in the eternity of time. The truth of this moment is to listen within for the messages that bring oneness to humanity. Those who watch and live among you are aware now is the point of decision. It is the point in the movement of time where the decision is made to bring peace or war. It is the point of revolution.

History is replete with instances of revolution that has changed regimes and opened doors of innovation and revelation. The days of fall are such times and as you awaken to the higher light you are also called by the galactic heart. The Indigo revolution is of the young lions who walk through the gate of the heart and speak with the mind of oneness. Expect that this revolution will be manifest in a manner unexpected by the powers of the old ones. Expect that the transformation will be an inner understanding that the awakening is a shift of consciousness to see and be the shining ones. You are given this gift and the power to create the golden age in manifestation as you believe so shall it be.

Religion, government, society and the state will fall into disarray while community, family, friends and truth will become one and all. Conflict will not become the avenue of transformation. Aggression and control is unable to operate without the support of the holders of the keys and the codes. The Indigos have the keys and the Teacher of Light bring the world the code of the transmutation for the Galactic Uprising.

Each being in the Family of Light is in a position, place and hold galactic energy that is interconnected through the grid work or earth. As Teachers of your cause it is agreed to be synchronously manifested by the astrological timings. No leader is to come forth for from the bottom of the flock and within the unified mind of the whole each one knows the way and moves with the graceful balanced pattern.

You are the ones who speak in code and know the programs of the financial systems to the ones who sing in concerts and play instruments that raise vibrations. Each and all of you who work and play and know their lives are flowing know that everything you do has a meaningful connection. There is a rhythm of your spirit is a melodic progression through humanity.

The instructions given are as follows; Know the plan of the Earth, Sun and the Galaxy follows the understanding of source. Know that the flow of source is always of abundance, light and oneness. Know you are to be more manifest as creation. Know you are walking upon the beliefs you are feeling. Know this time has come for economic, cultural, ecological and planetary revolution. When you know the code is complete then work to harmonize the keys. Design your life in tune with higher intelligence of the divine plan.

Humanity rests on earth in physical and non-physical dimensions. The Family of Light are those souls who are born to be wayshowers and healers of the mind. The mind will respond to love from the galactic heart and awaken. The shell surrounding the world will break open. Earth will receive cosmic rays and shine forth golden. The age of light is born for all who have found inner love and higher wisdom.

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