The Game Begins: DVD 01-01 #GR1A

Updated: Jun 12

In the World as we know it,there exists a Black Alliance of Elitists who have gained control over the monetary system and over the centuries, systematically taken over all levels of society, government and the world's civilization. This Black Alliance is made up of duplicitous evil, uncaring monsters who have created wars, depressions, plagues, revolutions and genocide to insure their control is invincible and their power is without limit.

The elitists who control the Black Alliance have centralized banking in order to dictate their visions to their minions, sycophants and puppets in government, the military, mass-media, education and industry. With the influence of unlimited currency they have en-slaved the population and reduced culture to a line item and civilization to a liability. This Black Alliance of elitists Steal, Lie, Cheat, Intimidate, Bully, Conspire, Befriend, Promise, Contradict, Confuse, Capitulate, Counterattack, Deceive, Enslave and Legislate to take away your Money, Freedom and Sovereignty with Contracts, Laws, Taxes, Interest, Insurance, Religion, Crime, Opportunity, Disease, Regulations,Education, Requirements, Inflation, Accidents, Conflicts, Strikes, Licenses, Lawsuits, Wars, Disasters, Divorce, Bureaucracy, Welfare, Police Actions, Inflation, Rules, Judgments, Arbitrations, Credit, Devaluation and every sort of Hideous Real Life Problems.

The end game is the reduction and elimination of all rights and freedom to a controlled totalitarian state. Sovereign activity is forbidden in a future vision of the world where actions are watched, controlled and regulated by this invisible Black Alliance. It would take lifetimes for us to discover and reveal all of the ways in which they have enslaved the population with lies, fake history, mindless entertainment, indoctrination, propaganda, disinformation, mind control, subliminal messaging, weapons of mass distraction, drugs, advertising, brainwashing, patriotism, fear, terrorism, corruption, greed, food additives, deceit, force, nationalism, dishonor, despair and dis-empowerment.

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Transcribed by: Almaz; Proofread by: Ashnandoah; Final Proofread by Nanineko The Game begins once the player sees the end of the game is scarcity, poverty, depression and the fascist control of the fe