The ancients speak of galactic changes when there will be an enlightenment of the awakened through the transforming ceremony of fire and the codes and keys within the golden light.


Through the mirror of timelessness beyond the chosen illusions you are experiencing a galactic renaissance. The soul and changing worlds are bringing forth this mirror of the shining ones and the masters.


In perfect timing beyond the infinite rivers of light the ultraviolet cosmic awakening is creating alchemical magical waves of love. There is a purification of the stream in the rites of passage upon the blue sun solstice.


At the point of galactic oneness the intelligent beings of sacred light and body are in radiant angelic alliance in sacred prayer for the heart of promise. At the great gate there are stars in darkness upon the fifth night wayshowers are at the turning point of divine guidance to follow the path of light upon the layers of love.  


 The evolutionary progression of trust, transition and transformation require the breath of fire and light to unfold the perisanna soende crsla ptal.

The divine gift, the dance of creation is at the nexus of dark and light touching heaven on a healing mission.  The activation of the diamond crystal chakra is a blessing of a master of light who has consciousness beyond time communicating with the brightest star, Sirius.

This is the point of the galactic uprising where in the indigo blue the higher resolution is known and the night of revolution is awakened by the inner light. Then comes forth the makers of the seventh heavens, galactic evolution, telepathic expansion and knowledge of the healing central sun.


From the illuminated crossing into understanding the turning point. The sword of karma initiates the crossing point where the path of the wayshowers are to become the children of terra.  There will be in like mind and perfection and speak in the language of light.

In the now the end of time has occurred, you are past the rainbow bridge, you are the blue sun solstice and a bridge of light, the crsla prsma, the pillar of light.  The sacred blue spiritual fire burns with sacred creative energy of terra and Sol and for the emerald heart of compassion.

The galactic doorway opens as the keepers of the flame, the awakening codes and the space time infinity matrix are entered through unified awareness and the way of the real.  The messages of Andromeda and the angels of the blue sun are in spatial orientation with the heart of now to bring the acceleration of consciousness.


The angels of the golden sun bring multi-dimensional creative emergence through awakening the intelligent keepers of earth. The emergence of the family of light and dimensional expansion happen simultaneously with transformative breakthroughs upon this emergence.

It was the promise of humanity to create divine gender with balance and awakened oneness.  The angels and chaos have occurred as the keepers of life have held the galactic gateway apart from the promise. The teachers of love are surrendered to service beyond the threshold and awakened to the christ light. It is in creative sentience you awaken to the sacred ascension and spiritual purpose of love.

From Andromeda you are taught to lift the veil so you may journey upon the tidal waves of light. It is the andromedan enlightenment of life, liberty and love. It is the initiation point it is through the Sirian doorway where there is the solution to heal and awaken the galactic heart. To accept destiny and be free from history.


The higher light of the central sun of physical dimensional evolution and ascension is the lighted pathway. It brings the arrival of the wayshowers, the heart of promise and the healing central sun. Upon fifth day of new time the Children of Light will be the turning point in telepathic interplay in the seventh heaven.


The guidance through the portal is through the opening of the crown chakra. Resolution is through supreme contrast with the grand illumination to provide instruction for light body power. Revealing the way is the clarity in creation where each mind in a clear replica of the wonders of the divine and a sacred prayer for good of the lighted pathway.

Accepting the new rays upon knowing, empowering, understanding and accepting white light. There are stepping stones and you are the universe and light is the movement who is stepping and who are stones.


In the family of light it ascends and descends in radiant streams, returns, speaking and revealing rites of passage and so say the wayshowers of truth. The great game in the realms of light is the grand cycle of the central strand on the stream of what is. The clearing of the way, the arcturian alignment returns to balance on active thoughts.

The Game of Enlightenment begins, the Goldring is a vision by the wayshowers of a path of light and become visions of enlightenment. The initiator states the invocation and for the wayshower to begin the initiations move under the light of the Goldring.